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Just in Time for Thanksgiving: Reveal Your Inner Chef with Gourmet Gifts!

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By , November 17, 2015 1:04 pm

This is the time of year that everyone (not just foodies) starts thinking a little more about delicious food, favorite recipes, and unique twists on tradition.  Turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce might be the first foods that come to mind for Thanksgiving, but this is also a fun time to experiment in the kitchen with festive flavors and exotic spices.

Whether you’ve been looking to beef up your culinary skills for a while now or have an aspiring chef in your life, we can set you up with some exciting gourmet experiences that will change the way you look at food. Here are a few of our favorite cooking experiences…just in time for Thanksgiving!

Introduction to Baking

Holiday season is the prime time to get into baking, with so many parties and events just around the corner. Our Introduction to Baking Class is in the DC area and teaches students the basics of creaming butter and sugar, knowing when a cake is ready, and design techniques. The class lasts about two hours and is great for beginners!

Photo credit: Sugar Daze Cupcakes via Flickr

Photo credit: Sugar Daze Cupcakes via Flickr

Sushi Making Lessons

Do you love sushi but have always been too intimidated to try making it yourself? Our Chicago-based Sushi Making Lessons will teach you how to handle seafood, wrap sushi rice in nori, slice fish, and shape nigiri and maki by hand. This is a fun hands-on learning experience that lasts about three hours and will demystify one of your favorite foods.

Indian Cooking Class

Another delicious type of ethnic food that stumps many first-time chefs is Indian cuisine. Traditional Indian food involves pretty of spices and prep time, but expert Ayesha D’Mello will walk you through the basics in this Miami-based Indian Cooking Class. The recipes you’ll learn are easy and healthy, and classes run on Saturdays and Sundays for about three hours.

Photo credit: nAok0 via Flickr

Photo credit: nAok0 via Flickr

World Cuisine Cooking Class

If you can’t decide which type of cuisine to cook, why not sign up for a World Cuisine Cooking Class and try a bit of everything? This DC-area class features traditional foods from places like Mexico, Morocco, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Vietnam. These 2.5-hour classes are split into demonstration and participation sections and end with enjoying a wonderful meal with wine.

Chocolate Making Class

Chocolate is pretty much impossible to resist any time of year, but especially when holiday season kicks in and sweet treats are all around us. Our New York Chocolate Making Class is designed for everyone who loves chocolate and wants to learn more about it. Students will learn how to make truffles, a ganache, and other treats with milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Techniques like molding, dripping, drizzling, and coating, as well as skills practiced by top chocolatiers, are also covered. This particular class is held in the Midtown West neighborhood and lasts about four hours on Saturdays.

Take a moment to browse our list of gourmet experiences in your city to find a fun and informative cooking class near you this holiday season!

Start a New Thanksgiving Tradition in These Top Travel Destinations

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By , November 5, 2014 11:59 am

For lots of people who celebrate Thanksgiving, holiday travel is pre-determined and a no-brainer. It’s a traditional time of year often spent inside distant relatives’ homes with turkey, pumpkin pie, and football. But if your family could use a little break from routine, why not plan a quick weekend trip together to show your thanks?

Since Thanksgiving travel tends to be a day trip and lots of people stay with family, this is a good time of year to find deals on hotel rates. These are some of the best travel destinations to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Head to Plymouth, Massachusetts to spend Thanksgiving Day where the pilgrims did centuries ago. Plymouth is just a 45 minute drive from Boston, so it’s a quick trip if you live in the area. Watch costumed actors reenact historical scenes on the Mayflower II and learn about how early colonists lived in the 17th century. Thanksgiving is a big deal in Plymouth, with concerts, parades, and activities to keep you busy all weekend long.

Photo credit: martha_chapa95 via Flickr

Photo credit: martha_chapa95 via Flickr

New York City, New York

Watching the massive Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on TV has become a tradition in many American households over the years. Head to New York City to see it live and in person! If you’re a Black Friday shopper, this is the perfect place to be to scope out all the holiday deals.

Washington, D.C.

Another great place to visit over the Thanksgiving holiday and celebrate American history is Washington, D.C. You’ll typically enjoy fewer crowds and shorter lines as you explore the museums and walk around the monuments as well.

Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia

To escape the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, even if just for a long weekend, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia are an excellent travel choice. This is a beautiful mountainous region to book a vacation rental and make a home-cooked meal with your whole family.

Keystone, Colorado

For snow sport enthusiasts, Thanksgiving weekend means the beginning of ski and snowboard season. One of the best places to get into the action is in Keystone, Colorado, which also has lots of charming restaurants and shopping areas nearby.

Photo credit: Martin Cathrae via Flickr

Photo credit: Martin Cathrae via Flickr

Scottsdale, Arizona

To warm up and enjoy some wintertime sunshine, consider spending your Thanksgiving weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is a great destination to get in a few games of golf, go hiking, and take advantage of holistic spa treatments.

San Diego, California

Another warm and sunny Thanksgiving destinations to keep in mind is San Diego. To lure visitors from other Southern California destinations, his lively beach city often offers lower hotel prices at this time of year. Leave the holiday cooking to the professions and treat yourself to one of the city’s fine dining restaurants.

Wherever you decide to spend your holiday weekend this year, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving from all of us at FunSherpa!

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