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Discover What Rock Climbing Is All About With a Beginner Course!

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By , February 26, 2014 12:42 pm

Rock climbing is one of the most extreme sports on the planet, yet it’s surprisingly beginner-friendly. It’s a fun sport and exciting hobby that challenges both your physical and mental abilities each time you try it. Climbing on a regular basis is also known to sculpt lean muscle, improve coordination, support cardiovascular functioning, and boost mental health.

Getting started can be intimidating for beginners, so the best way to learn is by taking an introductory class to learn the basics and build your confidence. At FunSherpa, we offer both indoor and outdoor classes to introduce you to the sport and teach you everything you need to be safe while climbing. Most beginner classes cost between $50 and $90 and include all the gear and guidance you need to get started. Whether you prefer to learn on an outdoor excursion or in an indoor climbing gym, rock climbing is a year-around sport that’s more accessible than you may think.

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Indoor Climbing Gym Classes

The most common place to try climbing for the first time is your local climbing gym. Indoor rock climbing classes¬†are great for first time beginners who feel safer in a controlled environment, intermediate climbers wanting to take their skills to the next level, and advanced climbers preparing for an extreme excursion or competition. You’ll learn the difference between top-rope climbing, lead climbing, and auto-belay climbing, and have the opportunity to try routes that match your current and desired skill level. Many climbing gyms also feature bouldering walls, which help you master hand and foot techniques low to the ground without a rope or harness.

Outdoor Climbing Clinics

Although many climbers get their start in the gym, there’s no reason why beginners can’t head to the great outdoors to experience real rock for themselves. Many outdoor climbing clinics involve comprehensive half or full-day instruction and are designed with true newbies in mind. A clinic typically begins with a short gear and safety lesson to get climbers comfortable with the equipment. Then you’ll learn how to tie rock climbing knots, climbing commands, the climbing rating system, and top-roping techniques. Experience the beauty of nature while challenging yourself and enjoying a whole new perspective.

Private Climbing Instruction

If you’re nervous about trying to climb for the first time, perhaps private climbing instruction is a good option to consider. Private lessons are catered to your specific skill, experience, and comfort level to set you on a track for success. They typically last one or two hours and can focus on top-rope routes, lead climbing skills, bouldering techniques, and climbing moves that work best for your body type and strength level.

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Since rock climbing is potentially dangerous, the safest and most effective build your skill is by enlisting an experienced professional until you understand the basics. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, climbing can help you overcome your fears, take one step at a time, and bond with like-minded adventurers along the way.

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