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Moms, Kids, and Technology: A chat with Sara Fisher

By , April 30, 2010 8:00 am
Supermom Sara Surrounded by Family and Technology

Supermom Sara Surrounded by Family and Technology

Sara Fisher, the creative talent behind the Self-Made Mom, demonstrates to Funsherpa how mothers juggle their personal and professional lives to provide their families with the best of everything.  A self-professed ‘former corporate hack’, Sara gives us a glimpse into her transition from the professional scene to motherhood.

F: What do you enjoy the most about Mommy blogging? What does your husband think about your blog?
S: I like creative/ humor writing and I think my blog is the best way for me to get out my creative energy. I wouldn’t say that what I do is “mommy blogging” but rather trying to provide a funny lens for people to see my life with two kids through. My husband is a fan of my writing, but not when it gets too personal. Let’s just say we have creative differences on that front!
F: You mentioned that you’ve transformed from a ‘corporate hack’ to a professional butt wiper. Do you find yourself using any of your corporate skills as a Mom? Any good examples?
S: I think I wrote a post about that a ways back. Yes, I feel that there are many times I’m using my organizational skills, my energy, my “get it done” attitude with my kids. Both for good and bad. For instance, I always would write emails or notes to contacts I met through business, and now, I make sure my older son and I write thank you notes for birthday presents. On the negative side, I probably am a little too demanding of my four-year-old. He’s not a 23 year-old account exec.
F: Can you talk about your experience when you first became a mom?
S: Lack of sleep and doing what you want, when you want were really hard for me to adjust to. I like to do things on my own terms, and now I have the little men who tell me what to do on their terms!
F: How do you manage living in a home full of boys/men?
S: Lots of wine. No, just kidding. I love my house of boys. I’m the queen and I don’t have to worry about how anyone is dressed or hair is brushed. Boys can get away with a little less personal hygiene I think.
F: Upon reading your blog, you seem to be quite a net savvy Mom, using Peapod, Ebay Classifieds, Craigslist, etc. Any other web services you’d like to share that are effective in managing home issues?
S: I use Google all the time, but so does everyone. Twitter is key for me to follow news, local happenings and keeping up with friends.
F: How is social media affecting the way parents raise their kids? Is there anything in the way that social media works that you’d like to change?
S: I think Twitter and Facebook have radically changed how we get and use information. For instance, sometimes if I have a medical or baby question, I’ll post it online before I call the doctor (not in an emergency, of course). On the flip side, I think there are some people that way over-share what they put online about their families and kids, and I’m totally not into that. Those babies are going to grow up to be teenagers and I don’t think they’ll be all that pleased to see a photo of their dirty diaper online.
F: Do you have any ‘Mommy’ role models (real or fictional)? If so, who are they and why do you look up to them?
S: Other than my mom who was a much more patient mother than I am, I think I’d have to say it’s other contemporaries of mine who’ve seemed to make it work having a career and being hands-on with their kids. I have not perfected that yet. Not even close.
F: What have some of your best experiences on Mother’s Day? What would make your perfect Mother’s Day holiday?
S: As I wrote last year, the perfect Mother’s Day for me is being alone! I would like to sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, read the Sunday New York Times and shower for an hour. I love my kids, but I think having one day a year by myself is good for all of us.


Mother’s Day Special: Healthy, Happy Mom Shares Her Tips

By , April 23, 2010 8:00 am
Living a happier healthier you

Sharing a happier and healthier lifestyle

In celebration of Mother’s Day, funsherpa will be featuring a series of Chicago mother ‘experts’ from budding parents to veteran mothers who know every trick of the trade. We start our series of conversations with Dwana, mom and blogger behind the Healthy Happier You. Through our chat with Dwana, we discover the secrets of living a healthy and happy lifestyle, as well as how mom bloggers are getting their voices heard.

F: What do you enjoy the most about Mommy blogging?
D: I LOVE writing. I love writing about anything that is stirring or writing about someone else’s passion. I rarely write about my son because he is at that age where he is anonymous – even with me! So, I really do not characterize myself as a “Mommy Blogger” in that respect. My child is the very reason I wake up in the morning, but mainly I discuss being a woman, which I feel, is my essence. Nurturing the world is who I really am. A woman who happens to be a mom and a nurturer!

The other component to Mommy Blogging is interacting with social media gurus and brands who mentor and encourage the craft. To me, it doesn’t get any better than that.

F: What inspires your articles/topics?
D: People inspire me. Average, everyday hardworking people inspire me to tell their stories or support their passions. Sites such as yours are inspiring – bringing so many wonderful people and products to our attention that we might otherwise miss!

F: How do you define a “healthy happier you”?
D: A “healthier happier you” is a you that is utilizing what you have in the now and using it to be your best. Eating healthier, thinking healthier thoughts and embracing your true self are vital. I think each soul must choose individually in their pursuits – but act today as we really are all dying in a sense. Time waits for no one.

F: Is it challenging to be a healthy mom and parent? How do you ensure your son lives a healthy lifestyle? Any tips and tricks you can share with other parents?
D: Oh my gosh, yes!! It is challenging for us all, that I am sure! With time constraints on everyone, how do we find time to eat right, exercise and keep a positive outlook? It just takes practice. Fine tuning your grocery shopping, for one, is a big key to a healthy family. Supporting your local farmers might give you sustainability. Having healthy, preservative-free snacks and entrees and making time for activity require so little planning once we make it a priority. Stay active, if your children are in sports, work out with them, or work out while they’re at practice. If you have a dog, a friend, walk with them. It is a good example for the entire community to see – move and be moved.

F: What are some of the things you’ve learned from other Mom bloggers? What have you taught other Mom bloggers?
D: I can not believe what a supportive and close-knit unit “Mom Bloggers” are. I have learned to lean on them for guidance and information. It seems many of them have a plethora of support, energy and love. I may have taught them that some moms simply have no clue!

F: What are some of the go-to spots in Chicago for both you and your son?
D: We adore the Lakefront – from 67th Street to Evanston . We adore it all times of the year. I am an Argo Tea NUT personally, so that is a great place to find me.

F: How is social media affecting the way parents raise their kids? Is there anything in the way that social media works that you’d like to change?
D: Social media is so new, it is really hard to say. I can only hope it leaves a positive impression. Most of the moms I interact with are attempting to better the planet, their communities, own personal situations, and have their voices heard. That can hardly be a bad thing. Additionally, social media exposes new moms to new ideas, concepts and tools that are not known in mainstream, off-line parenting. I am so happy to be experiencing this ride, there is no room for me to complain.

F: Any special message you’d like to share with other Moms this upcoming Mother’s Day?
D: Take care of YOU this Mother’s Day ~ and every day ~ because you are AWESOME and doing a GREAT job!

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