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Non-Touristy Ways to Spend a Day in Washington, DC

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By , October 21, 2015 8:24 am

As our nation’s capital, Washington, DC is known as a huge tourist hub. This can be kind of fun if you’re a first-time visitor, but a bit annoying if you live here or visit often. When you think of ways to experience DC, images of the White House, museums, and monuments come to mind. However, there are lots of other ways to spend time in this lively city and get a feel for what it’s all about.

So put away that map and those Bermuda shorts, because today we’re ditching the tourist circuit and trying some new activities. These are some of our favorite non-touristy ways to spend a day in and around Washington, DC.

Trampoline Jumping Class

Do you have fond (or painful) memories about jumping on a trampoline in your best friend’s backyard as a kid? Relive those memories and make some ones in a DC trampoline jumping class. But in this class you’ll more than just jump. You’ll learn how to do somersaults, twists, and other aerial/gymnastic skills while getting a great workout too! This experience runs year-around and lasts for about 1.5 hours.


Photo credit: Nico Aguilera via Flickr

Whiskey 101

If you work up a thirst from all that jumping, head to nearby Arlington, Virginia for a Whiskey 101 class. Here you’ll learn the basic differences between whiskey, bourbon, and scotch and how to sip and mix them at the DC School of Whiskey. This experience is also offered year-around, and you’ll be a whiskey pro in just an hour.

Personal Wine Class

But if wine is more your drink-of-choice, consider spending your day in a personal wine class to understand wine basics at a private club in Dupont Circle. Over an hour or two, you’ll get a personal lesson in wine from an industry professional and get the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want. Your instructor, Professor Laurent Guinand, is a wine expert that lectures about intentional wine business. Classes are often held conveniently after work hours and offered year-around.

Glassblowing Class

Another class definitely worth checking out in the DC area is a glassblowing class. Based in nearby Sperryville, Virginia, this class is made for students who have never been in a glassblowing studio before. You’ll learn the steps it takes to create beautiful hand-blown glass art through techniques like gathering, centering, blocking, marvering, and basic color application. Classes last for about two hours. You should wear a long-sleeve cotton shirt, jeans/khaki pants, and either leather or canvas shoes for your personal safety.

Photo credit: Trevor Smeaton via Flickr

Photo credit: Trevor Smeaton via Flickr

Beginner Belly Dancing Class

Have you ever watched belly dancing in a Bollywood movie and wondered exactly how they shake their hips like that? Well, you can find out for yourself in a DC belly dancing class designed for beginners. No experience is necessary, and you’ll learn the basic posture, shimmies, isolations, undulations, and traveling steps. Embrace the sounds of Middle Eastern music as you have fun and work your body in this friendly one-hour class. Stretch pants, close-fitting tops, and a hip scarf are recommended to wear, and you can dance barefoot or with ballet or rubber-soled jazz shoes on.

Tap Into Your Creative Side with Crafty Classes This Winter!

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By , December 3, 2013 4:24 pm

Depending on where you live, the winter months can be dreary, gray, and drain your spirits. However, winter is also the perfect time to tap into your creative side and learn a new craft! And with holiday season just around the corner, maybe you can muster up some homemade gifts that are meaningful, affordable, and completely one-of-a-kind.

To get started, we’d like to offer you a little inspiration. And even if crafting isn’t your thing, FunSherpa’s creative classes make great gifts for your friends, family, and coworkers. Check out some of these clever, quirky classes for all skill levels, and say goodbye to the winter blues.

sewing class

Photo credit: nayukim via WikiMedia Commons

Sewing Classes

Sewing machines are complicated pieces of machinery, so it never hurts to take a beginner’s class if haven’t used one before.  Most sewing classes last a couple hours and teach you how to make a pillow, an apron, a skirt, or even a handbag. Most beginner classes include the cost of a sewing machine rental as well, so you won’t be responsible for providing your own.

Knitting Classes

Why splurge on pricey scarves and hats this winter when you can make your own? Knitting is a relaxing activity that you can do anywhere, even while watching your favorite television shows on the couch! Beginner knitting classes teach you how to cast off, knit stitch, purl stitch, and bind off. Knitted items make great holiday gifts as well.

Glass Blowing and Fusing Classes

Most of us don’t have glass design equipment at home so you’ll need to take a class to discover the art and science behind glass blowing and glass fusing. In glassblowing classes, experienced teachers work with students to learn gathering, centering, blocking, color application, and proper shop etiquette. You can also take a glass fusing class to learn the ancient art of cutting, shaping, collage, and assembly with a small kiln.

Pottery Making

Photo credit: Raja1111 via WikiMedia Commons

Pottery Classes

Learn to make bowls, cups, and vases that you can actually use around your home! The best kind of pottery classes feature in-depth one-on-one instructor to help you create unique pieces of your own pottery. Since the art of pottery takes a lot of practice, many studios offer package deals for several weeks or months to improve upon your skills.

Jewelry Making Classes

Whether you love wearing jewelry or are interested in starting a side business, jewelry making classes can teach you the basics of beautiful jewelry crafting and design. Some jewelry classes focus on bead work, while others teach you silver-smithing techniques like sawing, filing, soldering, and stone setting.

Not all of us grew up being crafty, but its never too late to learn a new skill and find a new hobby that you love. Craft hobbies keep the hands busy, the mind engaged, and are lifelong gifts that keep on giving.

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