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Where are the Windy City Med Students?

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By , May 4, 2009 4:07 pm

Becky's art portrait

Becky the Med Student

BECKY: A Northwestern med school student, Becky is respected for having left Chicago for California, and actually coming back. Having grown up in the suburbs, Becky doesn’t really know how she survived without her favorite coffee shop being a few blocks away. She is looking forward to becoming a doctor, joining the battle against cancer and not having to deal with swine flu. Becky currently lives in Lincoln Park. When not memorizing the 200 different parts of the human arm, she listens to (honestly?) lectures at Bourgeois Pig in Lincoln Park.

8 questions never asked about me:
Favorite TV shows as listed on Facebook: Facebook and I are currently having a troubled relationship. I don’t have any listed.

Favorite TV shows that are not listed on Facebook: The Daily Show is my most consistent favorite; just started getting into Arrested Development on DVD… before that I went through a Nip/Tuck phase (love it)

My neighbors think I am perhaps a little eccentric because when I’m home I blast music that ranges from opera classics to Energy 92.7 to indie rock to Latin pop… (ok maybe they just think I am a gay man) but it snowed one day, so now everything is ok.

When I was growing up, I thought I should be an actress so I could “act out” any career and never really have to decide, but then said to hell it with and went to med school and realized that being a doctor (or at least a med student) involves a lot of “acting” after all…

Brand of my scrubs: the only ones I currently own (as a 2nd year) say “Property of UCSF” – I probably should return them.

Footwear most commonly associated with my scrubs: tennis shoes… although I think I’m going to take the plunge and buy some sexy Dansko clogs

Med school has taught me how to perform old-fashioned physical exam techniques that are apparently obsolete in most contemporary medical practices, while life has continued to march on.

If I saw swine flu in my backyard, I would: wonder if swine flu will be on my boards exam this summer even though it just broke out…

Things I like and am passionate about…
Every time I need sugar, I go for fruit snacks, Red Vines, or my all-time favorite, gummy candy!!! When in need of more sugar, I (that usually does it… usually can’t eat again for hours after all that gelatin). In a worst case scenario sugar craving, I inject myself with glucose.

Best place to work out is BODYPUMP at Lincoln Park Athletic Club. Worst place to work out is a gym that doesn’t have BodyPump.

There are too many guys in charge of countries—there would be less war if women were in charge (but maybe more gossip). There are too many girls in uncomfortable shoes.

Favorite restaurant in the city so many… Greek Islands, Reza’s, Lou Mitchell’s to eat quality food in a festive atmosphere.

When I lose my wallet and only have $5 to buy a meal, I go to: Sultan’s Market, but hate it when I find out my $5 is actually a $1.

Shops that I wish were outside my apartment: Art Effect, the MCA store, Sew Bettie, Lululemon, and Trader Joe’s.

I wish people would protest these issues outside my apartment: global inequality… although maybe not right outside my apartment. Except before 10am.

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