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Summer in Chi Town: Don’t Miss Out on These Experiences!

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By , June 3, 2015 11:00 am

With brutally cold winters that seem to last a little longer each year, Chicago is a city that lives for its beautiful summer season. So now that summer is here (finally!) why not try something new to soak up the sun and make the most of it?

Chicago Jet Boat Experience

One of the best ways to see Chicago is from the water, so kick back and feel the wind in your hair on a Chicago Jet Boat Experience. This is a half-hour tour that combines an adventurous ride with the beautiful view of Lake Michigan and the sprawling Chicago skyline. The boat leaves from Navy Pier, and the captain will tell you all about the city’s landmarks, architecture, and hot spots. Jet boats run daily between 11 am and 7 pm, May through October.

Photo credit: acuestareig via Flickr

Photo credit: acuestareig via Flickr

Introduction to Kayaking

To get a little more active on the water, take our Introduction to Kayaking class with the experienced guides of Kayak Chicago. This is a beginner-friendly class that’ll teach you everything you need to know about paddling, boat types, proper gear, safety techniques, and rescue strategies. This expereince lasts about four hours and runs on Saturdays and Sundays from June through September.

Sailing 101 Chicago

Another great water activity to try in Chicago is sailing! Our Sailing 101 Chicago class is beginner-friendly, yet challenging and comprehensive. To complete the course, you’ll need to take four sessions, and each lesson last four hours. So this is a great experience for locals living in the city! Sessions run daily between April and September.

Chicago Shopping Tour: Bucktown and Wicker Park

If you’re more in the mood for a little retail therapy, why not let a shopping expert help you focus and guide you through the city’s trendiest shopping district? Our Chicago Shopping Tour: Bucktown and Wicker Park experience will take you to unique boutiques and introduce you to fashion trends and the creations of top designers. You’ll meet your guide and fellow shoppers at a cafe and then head out to receive VIP treatment and the guidance of a personal shopping stylist. The experience lasts about two hours and starts at 1:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Devil’s Lake Day Rock Climb

If you’re willing to venture outside of the city to explore the surrounding area a bit, check out our Devil’s Lake Day Rock Climb experience in southern Wisconsin. This is an ideal climbing destination for beginner climbers, and experienced guides will provide you with all the gear you need. The day begins around 9:00 am and runs until about 4:00 pm. There are more than 2,000 climbing routes here along the picturesque cliffs that overlook Devil’s Lake – perfect for taking a summertime dip after a day of climbing!

Photo credit: stewie811 via Flickr

Photo credit: stewie811 via Flickr

These are a few of the other summer-centric attractions that are must-dos in the city of Chicago:

  • Lollapalooza
  • Cubs game at Wrigley Field
  • Sox game at US Cellular Field
  • North Avenue Beach
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Chicago Air & Water Show
  • Navy Pier Fireworks

For a list of Chicago’s exciting 2015 festivals, take a look at TimeOut’s 2015 Summer Festival Guide and browse through FunSherpa’s Chicago experiences to find one that’ll make your summer unforgettable!

Mother’s Day Special: Healthy, Happy Mom Shares Her Tips

By , April 23, 2010 8:00 am
Living a happier healthier you

Sharing a happier and healthier lifestyle

In celebration of Mother’s Day, funsherpa will be featuring a series of Chicago mother ‘experts’ from budding parents to veteran mothers who know every trick of the trade. We start our series of conversations with Dwana, mom and blogger behind the Healthy Happier You. Through our chat with Dwana, we discover the secrets of living a healthy and happy lifestyle, as well as how mom bloggers are getting their voices heard.

F: What do you enjoy the most about Mommy blogging?
D: I LOVE writing. I love writing about anything that is stirring or writing about someone else’s passion. I rarely write about my son because he is at that age where he is anonymous – even with me! So, I really do not characterize myself as a “Mommy Blogger” in that respect. My child is the very reason I wake up in the morning, but mainly I discuss being a woman, which I feel, is my essence. Nurturing the world is who I really am. A woman who happens to be a mom and a nurturer!

The other component to Mommy Blogging is interacting with social media gurus and brands who mentor and encourage the craft. To me, it doesn’t get any better than that.

F: What inspires your articles/topics?
D: People inspire me. Average, everyday hardworking people inspire me to tell their stories or support their passions. Sites such as yours are inspiring – bringing so many wonderful people and products to our attention that we might otherwise miss!

F: How do you define a “healthy happier you”?
D: A “healthier happier you” is a you that is utilizing what you have in the now and using it to be your best. Eating healthier, thinking healthier thoughts and embracing your true self are vital. I think each soul must choose individually in their pursuits – but act today as we really are all dying in a sense. Time waits for no one.

F: Is it challenging to be a healthy mom and parent? How do you ensure your son lives a healthy lifestyle? Any tips and tricks you can share with other parents?
D: Oh my gosh, yes!! It is challenging for us all, that I am sure! With time constraints on everyone, how do we find time to eat right, exercise and keep a positive outlook? It just takes practice. Fine tuning your grocery shopping, for one, is a big key to a healthy family. Supporting your local farmers might give you sustainability. Having healthy, preservative-free snacks and entrees and making time for activity require so little planning once we make it a priority. Stay active, if your children are in sports, work out with them, or work out while they’re at practice. If you have a dog, a friend, walk with them. It is a good example for the entire community to see – move and be moved.

F: What are some of the things you’ve learned from other Mom bloggers? What have you taught other Mom bloggers?
D: I can not believe what a supportive and close-knit unit “Mom Bloggers” are. I have learned to lean on them for guidance and information. It seems many of them have a plethora of support, energy and love. I may have taught them that some moms simply have no clue!

F: What are some of the go-to spots in Chicago for both you and your son?
D: We adore the Lakefront – from 67th Street to Evanston . We adore it all times of the year. I am an Argo Tea NUT personally, so that is a great place to find me.

F: How is social media affecting the way parents raise their kids? Is there anything in the way that social media works that you’d like to change?
D: Social media is so new, it is really hard to say. I can only hope it leaves a positive impression. Most of the moms I interact with are attempting to better the planet, their communities, own personal situations, and have their voices heard. That can hardly be a bad thing. Additionally, social media exposes new moms to new ideas, concepts and tools that are not known in mainstream, off-line parenting. I am so happy to be experiencing this ride, there is no room for me to complain.

F: Any special message you’d like to share with other Moms this upcoming Mother’s Day?
D: Take care of YOU this Mother’s Day ~ and every day ~ because you are AWESOME and doing a GREAT job!

Bike stolen in Hyde Park. Chrissie talks about graduating, sewing, and being sleepy

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By , May 11, 2009 8:40 am
Chrissie live from your TV set

Chrissie live from your RCA TV set

Former Los Angeles resident, now Hyde Park townie and University of Chicago senior Chrissie escaped her Sunday night cramming to chat with us and avoid reading Chapter 7 of “Grimoires: A History of Magic Books”. One of the 15 people who does not study Economics in Chicago, Chrissie is currently attempting to graduate with a degree in History and Philosophy of Science. When she is not busy acting out Plato and Socrates debates like a Paul Begala-Tucker Carlson death match, she spends her time doing Anusara Yoga, sewing (she specializes in Macbeth outfits), and ballet – she actually danced La Bayadere and Cinderella. We hope our interrogation does not prevent her from marching this June…but we could probably use some interns to help us get our act together.

Some ice-breaker/get to know you questions we asked Chrissie –

People think I am sleepy, however, it is only because I’m a varsity napper

Los Angeles is unreal – Sarah Silverman did a 10 minute long private stand-up routine for me the last time I was there while having lunch, but the shoes don’t matter because everyone drives anywhere…I can wear 7 inch heels whenever and walk barefoot on the beach.  In Chicago I wear Bean Boots during the Winter – they’re good for snow and rain.

When I applied to the University of Chicago, I had to write an essay about mustard.

The first thing I did when I moved to Chicago was: buy a coat…that only lasted until mid-Fall…then I bought a portable space heater that I carry around with me.

If I were a pothole I would fix myself immediately, they are the worst! Last year I messed up my car’s axle when going over a bad pothole.

My thesis is on normative medicine regarding sex determination, I hope they don’t ask me when I had a sex change when I defend it.

After I march in June I’ll be living the dream in a beach house in Los Angeles and applying to architecture school

My phone is a iphone, and I hate how it’s not also a (real) lighter. Maybe we can get the Amish to help…

Best question asked during a job interview “you know my wife is also Asian…what part of the old country are you from?”. My tip for those looking for jobs is don’t compromise.

Do you have a bike? It was stolen :( but the one I had I got from Working Bikes. Did you shop at the stolen bike store? You know, like Craigslist?

We talk to too many people up in the northern end of the city…so we were hoping to get some good things to do down in Hyde Park…but Chrissie gave us more things to do up in Lincoln Park!

Favorite hangout place in Chicago: recently – the Butterfly Conservatory at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, the Skylark, or my bed with its Tempur-pedic mattress

Things any incoming University of Chicago freshmen should know: live off campus as soon as you can, spend a lot of time finding fun things to do in the rest of Chicago before school gets hard!  Leave Hyde Park for lunch and do your furniture shopping at the Cheap Store on 79th and Stony Island

When I am broke I go to the Lincoln Park Zoo or walk the Bloomingdale trail

Top bookstores in the city – my old place of work–57th street books!! Also The Seminary Coop, both in Hyde Park

My favorite drink is Rosemary Pear Vodka at otom

I go crazy when I hear anything from soul night at Danny’s Tavern

When I have friends in town from LA I bring them to Avec and a show at the Steppenwolf, because people out there think the Midwest doesn’t have good food or culture, but it clearly does.

I like watching burlesque shows, and they usually have a good one at the Blue Bayou starring Michelle L’Amour, whom I took dance lessons with. Good places to take dance classes in the city are Ruth Page and Lou Conte.

In between classes, I either put basil, garlic, and white pepper on some Annie’s mac and cheese from home or stop by Maravillas, a Mexican place in Hyde Park, on the way home.

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