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We are the same people behind the place to find all things fun, and created this blog to share what people are doing around Chicago. While we’d like to believe that we know where all the best places in the city are, we need our interrogations to keep our information up to date! We are definitely the curious bunch too, so it always makes our day when we find something new!

We hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together!

If you would like us to feature someone on this blog, send us a message at fans@funsherpa.com and we’ll get on it.

Oh yeah, check us out on Twitter, @funsherpa (Chicago), @funsherpaNYC (New York), and @funsherpaSF (San Francisco) and use us as your concierge for the city.

Who we are

Anton, Aqua Sherpa – In his former life, Anton was probably a dolphin, a shark, or a turtle. He enjoys any experience related to the water, and does not like heights. He absolutely hates the cold weather in Chicago, but loves the city too much to move anywhere else. Prior to becoming a full time Sherpa, Anton was a consultant at Bain & Co., helping technology and communications companies grow, serve customers better, and stop wasting money. He received his full time Sherpa training at Stanford University and learned to scuba dive in the frigid waters of Monterey. He will only go back to Monterey if he doesn’t have to do the monastery crawl to get into the water.

Danielle, Endurance Sherpa – If Danielle were an animal, she would be a hamster. With 4 marathons under her belt, she can’t stop moving. Danielle’s favorite experiences include those that pamper her and introduce her to local cuisine. At funsherpa, she is responsible for maintaining our customer satisfaction levels and improving the customer experience. Outside of her funsherpa time, she builds bridges and buildings. She also received her Sherpa training at Stanford University, where she mastered the skills of fountain hopping. After living in Australia and almost getting eaten by a salt water croc, she has sworn off exploring billabongs and estuaries.

Jon, Velo Sherpa – Jon is a cycling road warrior when not riding the iron horses in the isle of Gotham. He rides the city streets on a quest to find the best deals, steals and events for his people (and also finding the best public restroom besides Starbucks). He particularly enjoys cheap eats, speakeasies and is on a mission to find the perfect burger in NYC. Prior to his migration to the island, he was living in the Santa Cruz mountains studying the Sherpa way of the banana slugs. Once he completes his cross country bike ride, from NYC to San Francisco, he will proudly call himself a Tour certified Sherpa.

Liz, Interrogation Sherpa – Liz knew early on that hers was an unusual calling: her high school summer job involved dressing up as Grover, Bert, Telly, and the Count at the Sesame Place theme park near Philly. In college she took a job as a camp counselor in Hawai’i. While refining her Sherpa skills abroad at Oxford University, she worked part-time in a toy shop. Liz has just received her degree in Sherpa studies from Northwestern University and highly recommends the program. Liz enjoys puns, pirates, postcards, singing, Reisling, writing, reading, breakfast, travel, dessert, elephants, arguing, and Rupert Everett.

Ramon, Ninja Sherpa – Ramon is a retired basketball player – having walked away from the sport at the top of his game to get away from the worldwide celebrity status his athletic superstardom brought him. He now enjoys a more quiet life of non-stop partying in New York City, where he is now finishing his Master Sherpa training at Fordham University. When he is not living the dream working at Public Relations, Ramon DOES NOT like long walks on the beach but instead prefers wake boarding, surfing, jet-skiing and most of all chilling by the water with numerous cocktails. He also does not care about right or wrong and simply chooses what’s fun evidenced by his annual snowboarding runs despite having a shoulder injury that is yet to heal. Ramon also thinks he is a ninja because of his love for sake and sushi – completely disregarding the fact that he has zero fighting ability.

Raphael, Vino Sherpa – Raphael is an aspiring MMA fighter, but first needs to improve his sloth like reflexes. He recently passed his exams with the Court of Master Sommeliers and is now a Certified Sommelier – allowing him to consume copious amounts of wine daily. Prior to becoming a Sherpa, Raphael was an associate at Morgan Stanley where he spent half of his time working and half of his time dreaming of fun things to do. Raphael got his Sherpa training at Fordham University in New York but left the Big Apple for the Bay Area. Like most Silicon Valley residents, he has developed an appreciation for good food, the great outdoors and the even greater allure of wine country. One day he aspires to have a pair of twins, and a set of sextuplets with his wife, without the TV show to ruin it all.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed by the interviewees and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of their employers, funsherpa or any employee thereof.  funsherpa is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by those featured on the blog.  Also, the humor presented in the blog should be laughed at…nothing more.

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