Beautiful Places to Visit This Spring to See Wildflowers

By , March 9, 2016 11:06 am

In many places around the country, the temperatures becoming more pleasant, the birds are chirping, and flowers are starting to bloom. Lots of cities put a great deal of time and effort into preserving and maintaining their parks and gardens for locals and visitors to enjoy.

However, flowers are blooming in other more unexpected places, and humans have very little to do with it! These are some of the most beautiful places in the U.S. to visit this spring to see wildflowers.

Coachella – California

California is much more than the beach, and the Coachella Valley proves it. It’s near Joshua Tree National Park and known for bright yellow, pink, and purple wildflowers in the springtime. The best time to see wildflowers here is between February and April, including the Dune Evening Primrose and the Creosote. There’s even a free and family-friendly wildflower festival in Coachella Valley that you can check out if you visit in early March.

Photo credit: ActiveSteve via Flickr

Photo credit: ActiveSteve via Flickr

Fraser Preserve – Virginia/Maryland

The cherry blossoms aren’t the only things blooming in the D.C area in the spring. Frasier Preserve, which spans a large tract of land in the Piedmont region and in Virginia and Maryland. There are over 300 species of wildflowers growing here and hiking trails where can get out in nature and see them up-close. One wildflower highlight here is the Virginia bluebell. There are also about 110 species of birds here, so it’s a great spot for birdwatchers.

Nachusa Grasslands – Illinois

Illinois used to be a vast prairie before it was transformed into agricultural land, but wildflowers are still abundant in some areas across the state. Some of the best wildflower viewing opportunities exist in the Nachusa Grasslands, where wildflowers bloom in the early spring. It is also home to sparrows and turtles, and bison were reintroduced to this region in 2014! The grasslands are located near the towns of Oregon, Dixon, and Franklin Grove.

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area – Texas

If you’re planning to visit Austin in the spring, take a little detour to see the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Some wildflowers that flourish here are the Bluebonnet and Indian Paintbrush. Enchanted Rock is a large dome-shaped summit that rises 425 feet above Big Sandy Creek near the town of Fredericksburg.

Bluff Preserve – Georgia

The state of Georgia has a surprising number of beautiful state parks and natural preserves that are teeming with life and color. One great place to visit here is Black’s Bluff Preserve, which is locally known for its beautiful wildflowers that typically bloom in March. Here you can see wildflowers like Hepatica, Dutchman’s breeches, Toothwort, and Trilliums.

Long Pond Preserve – Pennsylvania

Visit the Long Pond Preserve to see wild Rhodora that’s native to this part of Pennsylvania. This is a very unique natural preserve area that’s worth visiting in the spring. It’s marked by swamps, bogs, shallow ponds, marshes, and woodlands with red spruce, and balsam fir trees.

Photo credit: Rockin'Rita via FlickrPhoto credit: Rockin’Rita via Flickr

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