Soar through the Sky with a Personal Flying Lesson

By , September 10, 2014 4:11 pm

Flying an airplane or a helicopter is a dream that many of us grow up having as children. But even if your life path took you in an entirely differently direction, it’s not too late to step into the cockpit and give flying a try. At FunSherpa, we’re dedicated to hooking you up with professional and experienced flight instructors who are experts in safety and excitement.

Introduction to Flying in Chicago

Head outside the city to the nearby suburb of Wheeling to take an Introduction to Flying course with Chicago’s Executive Flight School. You won’t be sitting back and letting someone else do all the work on this ride, but rather getting into the captain’s chair and actually taking control of the aircraft! You’ll fly for an hour and a half and learn about all the different aspects of flight and flight preparation with a FAA certified flight instructor.


Photo credit: Eyton Z via Flickr

Introductory Helicopter Flights on Both Coasts

From coast to coast, it’s easy to hop into a helicopter and learn how to fly! We have an introductory helicopter package in Long Beach, California that’ll get you high in the sky for fun or working towards a new career. If you’re on the East Coast, head to Newport to take an Introductory Helicopter Flight in Rhode Island. With just a short drive from Boston, you’ll receive top-notch instruction even if you’ve never touched an aircraft before.

Learn to Fly in San Diego

One of the most beautiful places to learn to fly is in San Diego. Check out our San Diego Learn to Fly package to learn the basics of aircraft control. You’ll be flying a Varga VG-21, which is the same aircraft used for Top Dog Air Combat flights. No prior experience is necessary, and this experience will allow you to learn turns, climbs, and glides with ease.

Helicopter Flight Instruction in Seattle

Whether you’re brand new to flying or just want to brush up on your skills, we can set you up with the Pacific Northwest’s largest fleet of Robinson R-22 helicopters with Helicopter Flight Instruction in Seattle. This experience includes a half hour of flying to train you for a flying career or teach you the essentials of recreational flying that’s just for fun.

Photo credit: Geoff Collins via Flickr

Photo credit: Geoff Collins via Flickr

Test Flight in San Francisco

Circle the Golden Gate Bridge and past the TransAmerica Building as you work with a certified flight instructor to practice your flight skills. This training session will let you practice your take-off, climbs, turns, and descents in the beautiful Bay Area.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Flying Lesson

  • Ask your instructor if there are reading materials you should review before the course
  • Go into your course with an open mind and a willingness to receive detailed commands
  • Pay attention during the pre- and post-flight briefings
  • Minimize distractions to create a productive learning environment
  • Make sure your cockpit is clean, organized, and fully-functioning
  • Watch instructional videos at home to supplement your course learning
  • Discuss the logistics of additional lessons with your instructor if you’re committed to learning more!

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