Take to the Open Sea on a Sailing Adventure!

By , July 16, 2014 11:58 am

Have you ever sat along the beach, stared out at the majestic sailboats in the water, and wondered, “Hey, could I do that?”

Sailing courses are more accessible than you might expect, and there are lots of beginner lessons to help you learn the basics. Throughout the course of human history, sailing has helped develop civilizations, improve global mobility, and facilitate trade and fishing operations. Modern sailing is often a recreational pursuit, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less regulated or technical.

Photo credit: Lee Cannon via Flickr

Photo credit: Lee Cannon via Flickr

If you’re interested in learning what sailing is all about but not ready to commit a lot of time and money to it just yet, consider taking one of our sailing lessons in your area. These sailing adventure courses are a great way to safely learn about sailing while enjoying a beautiful day on the water.

Sailing Lessons in Portland

We can set you up with a sailing lesson with the All Portland Sailing Center to learn basic maneuvering, sail handling, boat management, terminology, and Columbia River-specific skills. Hop on board a 22-to-26-foot ballasted keelboat to learn from a Coast Guard-licensed Master. There are generally four students per lesson, and classes meet six times so you’ll get to experience a variety of wind conditions.

Sailing Classes near D.C.

Learn to sail on the Chesapeake Bay with the Sailing Academy, which is the closest sailing school to the Washington, D.C. Beltway. Located in Tracy’s Landing, Maryland, these classes are designed with the true beginner in mind. Don’t worry if you’ve never stepped onto a sailboat before, because these instructors want to give you a taste of sailing before you sign up for a full course. Sailing trips operate year-around and generally last 2.5 hours.

Keelboat Sailing in Philadelphia

To learn the fundamentals of boat handling and sailing, our Philadelphia sailing class covers points of sail, reading the wind, safety, heavy weather sailing, tacking, jibing, person overboard, and federal requirements. Most of this two-day class is taught on the water to give you the most experience for your time.

Photo credit: Charlie Day via Flickr

Photo credit: Charlie Day via Flickr

Sailing 101 in Chicago

Just because Chicago isn’t on the coast doesn’t mean that sailing isn’t a popular pastime here too! Basic Sailing 101 is a comprehensive and challenging course that is held on the water to get you experienced and confident after just a few sessions. These classes take place daily between April and September and consist of four separate 4-hour sessions.

Learn to Sail in Boston

Soak in the natural beauty of the Boston Harbor during a 2-hour sailing course designed for beginners. This course is designed for novice sailors who aren’t yet sure if they’re ready for a bigger commitment. Therefore, the cost of this class can be fully applied towards a full sailing course. Intro classes take place between April and October.

Sailing is a lifelong hobby that takes a certain amount of commitment, dedication, and practice. Why not take an intro class to see if it’s for you?

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