Unleash Your Inner Circus Performer with Aerial Arts Classes

By , January 14, 2014 4:05 pm

Have you ever attended a circus or theatrical performance and marveled at the impressive aerial and gymnastic abilities on stage? These performers don’t have magical powers, they’ve just put a lot of time, effort, and dedication into their craft. And with just a fraction of that commitment, you too can try aerial arts like trapeze, trampoline, and Chinese acrobatics.

At FunSherpa, we’re dedicated to exposing you to exciting activities that you may have otherwise never considered trying. Our beginner’s classes encourage you to open your mind, challenge your body, and test your confidence in a safe, controlled setting. So before the winter blues start getting you down and the twinges of boredom become unsettling, consider trying out one of these enticing aerial arts classes.

Photo credit: Abby Norling-Ruggles via WikiMedia Commons

Photo credit: Abby Norling-Ruggles via WikiMedia Commons

Flying Trapeze Class

Flying trapeze classes are designed for all skill levels, including beginners and first timers. At the beginning of class, expect a short warm-up, stretching, and a briefing about the tricks and skills you’ll soon be learning. Students are then provided with demonstrations about proper take-off, swing, body positions. As you gain skill and confidence, you’ll have the opportunity to try catching, being caught, and falling safely into the net.

Trampoline Class

There is much more to trampoline than simply jumping up and down. Trampoline classes┬áteach students the fundamentals of body awareness and training for somersaults, twists, and flips. The best part about taking a trampoline class is that the skills learned are directly applicable to other gymnastic and aerial exercises. And all throughout the class, you’ll be strengthening your core and working underused muscles that often get neglected in traditional workouts.

Chinese Acrobatics Class

Chinese acrobatics focus on skills like tumbling, chair balancing, teeter-board, contortion, hoop diving, and the Chinese pole. In a beginner class, instructors will spend time teaching you how to do handstands, balance skills, and tumbling. Many tumbling exercises are performed in pairs, so you’ll learn how to synchronize movements with other tumblers too. After the class, you’ll have a more dynamic relationship with props, the ground, other performers, and your own bodily awareness.

Photo credit: Ludraman via WikiMedia Commons

Photo credit: Ludraman via WikiMedia Commons

Whether you’re interested in picking up a new hobby or just crave a unique physical challenge, these types of classes are proven to improve strength, conditioning, and flexibility. Aerial arts classes also make great gifts for people who have seemingly seen and done it all. Step out of your comfort zone and to the top of an aerial platform to gain perspective the unique, exciting, and adventurous side of life.

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