Exploring the Grand Canyon

By , March 19, 2013 12:56 pm

Few people think of the West Coast without the Grand Canyon crossing their minds. It’s one of those places you can picture yourself sitting; cold drink in hand, quietly taking in the breathtaking view. While many people have the intention of visiting eventually, logistics can sometimes mean that it’s easier said than done. It’s not as hard as you think though, and there are a few different ways to see that huge, incredible hole in the ground.


Fly Over

What could be more luxurious than taking a helicopter or airplane over the Grand Canyon at sunset? Or maybe flying in the morning when you can land at the bottom and enjoy a champagne breakfast? This is an incredible way to see the Canyon, and while you won’t have as much time actually inside the canyon, you’ll get to see a huge amount of the Grand Canyon in a short time. Flights depart Las Vegas daily depending on the weather, and you’ll need to allow between three and five hours for the tour.
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Ride a Mule Down

Riding a sure-footed mule down to the bottom of the Canyon allows you to truly take your time as you plod along and enjoy your surroundings. You’ll stay at Phantom Ranch which is the only option for accommodation at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and has both dormitories and cabins. After a long day of riding and taking pictures you can relax with a hot meal and a drink, before heading back up the next day. These tours sell out months in advance, especially for the summer season, so make sure you book early.


Take a Coach Tour

A coach tour is a great option for those who are staying in Vegas, and it’s a very cost effective way of seeing the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Boulder city, and the Las Vegas area. Prices start at around $80 although it can be a long day with most buses departing at around 7am, and returning around 10pm. While that’s a lot of driving in one day, if you’re booking last minute or trying to save money it’s a good way to see a bit of everything in a short amount of time.


Go White Water Rafting
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If you want to see the Grand Canyon from a completely different perspective, consider white water rafting down the Colorado River. Many companies offer side canyon exploration and hikes, so you’ll be able to experience the canyon in the river and on foot. Spending a decent amount of time within the canyon will allow you to get to know some of the resident wildlife, and looking up at the canyon walls will make you contemplate your place in the world.  If you have a taste for adventure and between two days and four weeks of spare time, consider booking a white water rafting tour.

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