True Grandeur with Atlanta Beauty Blogger Kristen W

By , August 24, 2012 9:30 am

Funsherpa jets out to Atlanta to learn more about the local scene and world of beauty products with their very own beauty blogger, Kristen. Kristen is the high achieving blogger behind Atlantan Beauty and shares some secret beauty products, her inspirations, and bucket list filled with awesome travel destinations.

Who are your beauty inspirations? How do you think the definition of beauty is changing?
My primary beauty inspirations are my mother and grandmother. Not only in the cosmetic sense, but also for inner beauty. My mother went to modeling school, so I grew up knowing a lot of the tricks and loved the beauty world almost since I was born. But my mother and grandmother are two of the kindest, generous, and intelligent people I know. They have taught me to be confident, determined, to be my own person and be kind to everyone I meet. I certainly would not be who I am today without them. I also consider myself to be my own inspiration. My look is heavily based on my mood and how creative I want to be that day. I do look at magazines to see the new trends, but I do not necessarily follow them.
I think modern beauty is finally beginning to realize that we do not all come in one shape, size or skin color. A lot of focus is also being placed on being more unique, but also natural. I think, or at least hope, we are beginning to move away from stick skinny being the only definition of attractive and embracing everyone’s beauty, both physical and inner. There are still a number of people turning to plastic surgery or even getting veneers for their teeth, but I see just as many that are comfortable with themselves without all of that crap. I think that more people are starting to fall into the latter category, which I desperately hope continues to happen. I can’t stand the unnatural look of a botoxed face or fake teeth. Another change I have noticed is that beauty bloggers seem to be getting a little more respect from everyone else. Before, I think we were viewed as a bunch of bored people and we are all the same. But when you look a little deeper, we are probably the most accepting and supportive group of people. And we are very intelligent, despite what anyone else may think. And we have a lot to say. Beauty bloggers come from all walks of life. Some are lawyers, scientists, doctors, full time mothers, medical students and then there are bloggers like me who would love to be able to break into the beauty world and make a career out of it. There is nothing generic about us, and that is starting to be recognized. In fact, I think we are part of the driving force of the improving definition of beauty.

What are your favorite things to do in Atlanta? Where are your favorite places to dine?
Of course I enjoy shopping. Atlantic Station is one of my favorite places to go for that. It has a great mix of stores, restaurants and attractions, such as The Bodies Exhibit. Atlantic Station also has free concerts and movie screenings from time to time. It is also fun to see shows at the Fox Theatre. It is like Atlanta’s version of Broadway. Finding new things to do is almost an activity, too. Atlanta is become increasingly popular, which drives in more businesses. As for dining, I love Italian food, so two of my favorite places to eat are Italian places. The first is Figo, which is a quiet but hip place to enjoy some fresh pasta, great service and even amazing deserts. It is also beside an eclectic area, what Atlantans call Little 5 Points and Candler Park. There is a lot of art and little shops to check out. Between the location, food and service, you really cannot go wrong. My second favorite is an Italian deli in a suburb of Atlanta, Peachtree City. It is called Borgo Italia. It is owned by a family from Italy, so you know the food is the real deal. Between the food, the quaint cafe feel and hearing snippets of Italian, you almost forget you are in the middle of Georgia.

What are your favorite beauty products? Anything that works really well for you?

My go to cleanser is Noxzema. It is inexpensive, effective and does not irritate my skin. I still have occasional breakouts, but it does not irritate my skin. A good eye primer is essential for me, or really any beauty lover out there. My favorite one is Lorac’s Behind The Scenes Eye Primer. For eyeshadow, I love the new Lorac Pro Palette and eyeshadows from The Body Shop. Both are nicely pigmented and long lasting. The Body Shop is also cruelty free and good for your skin. The latest addition to my favorites list is Maybelline’s Mega Plush Mascara. No clumps or crunch. For my lips, Bliztex’s Revive and Restore is my absolute favorite balm. It is wonderful for anyone with dry, sensitive lips. It also soothes them when I have an eczema flare up. For naturally flushed cheeks, I love using Korres Cheek Butter in Eros Coral. It looks natural and is good for your skin.

If you could create the perfect beauty product, what would it be?
I would create a line of skincare catered to people that have eczema and issues with acne. I have both, and it seems like every acne cleanser, no matter how mild, eventually causes an eczema flare up. I hate having to choose to between having blackheads or eczema. But why stop there. Maybe an entire cosmetic line, too. If I had the money and resources, that is something I would look into.

Favorite points of classical history?
I really love all of it, especially ancient Greece and their literature. Their ideas and experiences shaped so much of what we know today. Modern politics, philosophy, fashion, science, art, literature and language are heavily influenced by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The beginning of the city of Rome is intriguing, too. Mostly because there are a lot of unknowns in regards to exactly how the city of Rome came to be, besides the tale of Romulus and Remus. And of course there is mythology and their belief system. The fear of displeasing the gods and goddesses drove nearly every decision, thus shaping their history and influence. Another interesting point is the succession of emperors and the controversies surrounding them.

What’s in your bucket list? Which do you plan to accomplish soon?
Rome! I want to see Rome so badly I can barely stand it. I would love to be dropped in the middle of Rome and just left to explore the entire city.
I would love to meet Jimmy Kimmel, Darren Hayes and Nathan Fillion.
I want to learn how to surf. Or at least be able to stay on the board a decent amount of time.
Have something I write published for a magazine, newspaper, or maybe even write a book. Or just have my own magazine.
See New York City at Christmas.
Have my own cosmetic line/company.
Be a beauty editor, or some influential role in the beauty world.
See all of the major European cities, and even some of the remote areas.
My more recent items would be to graduate from college, my blog to be very successful, go to the Georgia Aquarium and try food from a local food truck.

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  1. Tara X says:

    I can just imagine how hard being a beauty blogger is – just seems so subjective.

  2. aly7 says:

    Yay Kristen! This was a great interview, I had so much fun reading it.

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