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By , August 8, 2012 8:41 am

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Funsherpa explores the Frugal Flirty and Fab blog, with its author Deidre McMillan. Back to school season is sneaking up around the corner, and we were interested in finding out affordable ways to look good, and live life to its fullest. Read on to discover Deidre’s secrets to finding great deals, saving, and enjoying everything life has to offer – from designer clothing to unique travel experiences.

How did you end up starting your Frugal Flirty N Fab blog? Have you always been looking for the best bang for your buck since you were young?
I started the Frugal Flirty N Fab wih a little help from my coworkers after seeing many fashion blogs online but none really targeting the inexpensive side of shopping. I felt like I had a gift when it came to shopping and staying on a budget and looking great while doing so and wanted to share my gift with others. I would often come to work wearing new clothes and looking great which caused my coworkers to wonder how I was able to afford these items. Let me just say they were in shock when I revealed just how inexpensive the items were that I was wearing and my method to being a Frugal yet Fab shopper!

It’s that time of the year for fresh college grads wondering how they’re going to look good in their new jobs now that they’re in the real world. What are some important frugal and fab tips that you can share with them?
Looking for a new job is all about being confident and looking great when you show up for an interview. Most college grads are short on funds so I would definitely recommend visiting your local Ross, Burlington, TJ Maxx and Marshall for great suits or separates. One can never go wrong with a nice white shirt, black slacks and a blazer. Once you get their attention with the way you presented yourself their ears are definitely open for what you have to say.

What key trends in black fashion are happening in 2012? How is this different from mainstream fashion?
As I become more comfortable with blogging and meeting fellow bloggers the one thing that I learn is that fashion is fashion in any race and there is actually no separation when it comes to urban fashion and mainstream fashion. One of the goals of Frugal Flirty and Fab is to show more options for people of different nationalities. It has been proven that women are more likely to purchase when they see a model of the same size wearing something they like so I think its now more important than ever to show more than just the size 2 models in ads. Some of the key trends that are happening right now are Midi dresses, print denim, tribal looks, high waist pants, shorts and sets, and maxi dresses are still huge!

What suggestions do you have for people looking for an affordable date, without fear of being called ‘cheap’?
The one thing you can learn from my site is that shopping for bargains by no means, means looking cheap! What I look to do is stay connected with whats current in todays fashion which in return lets me know if the deal I find is really a deal. I think its time to do away with the notion that someone is cheap or less of a fashionista simply because she or he doesn’t wear strictly name brand fashions or designer wear. If one is looking for an affordable date I would definitely say take advantage of sites like Living Social and Groupon. Show up looking the part with one of their adventures in hand and I’m sure you’ll be on for a second date!

Lately, there seems to be a trend for all these ‘daily deal’ sites, What are your thoughts about it? Any favorite sites?
I absolutely luv that people are thinking about the best way to spend their money without breaking the bank. I think we have sites like Living Social and Groupon which are 2 of my favorites to thank for this. With these 2 alone you can find deals on eveything from staying healthy to Joe’s Jeans.

Can you suggest some frugal and flirty friendly destinations to travel to?
Although I am just now reaching the point where I can travel a little more freely. Some of the frugal destinations I have visited are Las Vegas simply because there’s so much to do and you can always find a fantastic deal on a Hotel or flight. Miami Beach, Fla because beach weekends can be fairly inexpensive with a majority of your funds being spent primarily on nightlife and food which can always be found on the low, and the Bahamas, because if you’re looking to get your drink on, a little adventure, great music, and beautiful scenery, you definitely want to check out the daily deals here.

On what things are you or do you suggest not being frugal or cheap on?
I don’t think there is anything that you want that can’t be found for a better price than whats being offered. This goes from designer wear to vintage items. You always have the option of finding what you want at a greater price if you just take the time to search for it. This can sometimes mean waiting for the item to go on sale to looking for individual owners looking for a quick sale. Please remember you always have an option. Remember purchasing Frugal Finds has nothing to do with Looking Cheap. When it comes to the Frugal Flirty and Fab I luv looking great but when it comes down to Louboutins and people starving, I’d much rather feed the village if you know what I mean.

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