Life and Parenting from the Eyes of Lisa Weidknecht

By , August 29, 2012 11:35 am

Funsherpa sits down with life improvement blogger, Lisa Weidknecht chats with the crew about parenting, children, and blogging. Well, what’s it like to blog, and be a parent? Read on to discover Lisa’s unique life and perspective on everything.

Can you talk to us a bit more about being a mom and a blogger? Why do a lot of moms take up blogging?
I don’t really consider myself a mom blogger, but more of a life improvement blogger because my blog encompasses so much more than just parenting. I think many mom begin blogging as a way to be creative, reach out to other moms for support and friendship, and to share their lives with others.

There have been some interesting stories about Tiger Moms and The French Way of raising kids. As a child development specialist, can you talk about some of the best practices in raising kids?

Raising kids is truly the most difficult job in the world. Each child is different and parents must be flexible in their parenting. I believe children need a stable family environment, a consistent schedule, clear boundaries, a good education, and a religious and moral education.

Nutrition seems to be a big focus of parents these days. What do you do to ensure your children are eating well?
The easiest way to provide children with good nutrition is to buy groceries that are healthy. Children will eat whatever is given to them, whatever is in the pantry, whatever is in the fridge. If the house is filled with junk, that’s what they will eat. If the house is filled with fresh fruits and veggies and healthy grains, that’s what they will eat.

Your blog hosts a bunch of giveaways, what’s some of the coolest things you’ve reviewed and given away?

I love finding products for families that can help improve their life, whether through child development materials, fabulous books, or delicious new foods. I love to review products that help moms feel beautiful, like handbags and beauty products. I also love to review products that help parents provide children with creative outlets.

If you could design a perfect product for kids, what would it be?
Actually the perfect product for kids is already designed…it’s called nature. Getting children outside to explore the world in all its beauty and to marvel at the creation of things that are real is fun, educational, and open-ended.

What’s in your bucket list? Any experiences that you plan on crossing off soon?

My bucket list is filled with travel desires. Since my children are almost grown and headed to college soon, I am on the verge of a huge change in my life, almost like a freedom I’ve thirsted for, and I want to see every corner of the world. I think it may change some of the direction my blog takes, but I’m excited for what the future brings!

2 Responses to “Life and Parenting from the Eyes of Lisa Weidknecht”

  1. Tim Short says:

    Parenting is definitely over thought these days – let the kids out and play!

  2. I am nodding at everything Lisa is saying and saying..”She’s Right”. Probably because we are in the same age group. And girl, with all four kids in college..I can assure you the life of an empty nester IS FUN!

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