Uncovering San Francisco with Melissa Sanchez

By , May 18, 2012 9:07 am

Melissa Sanchez blogs about all things San Francisco in her lifestyle blog, Savvy in San Francisco. Given the special place the Bay Area holds to the Funsherpa team, we decided to chat with Melissa to find out about life in the city and the current home of good eats in SF. Read on to discover the blogger lifestyle and some hot restaurant recommendations.

What are your favorite cities? Why do you love them?
Paris is my favorite city in the world. I have been there three times and each time I go it’s like I’m discovering it for the first time. From the architecture, to the food and to the amazing museums, it’s truly a spectacular city. I went for the first time for my 30th birthday and my husband proposed to be on the tip of Ile Saint-Louis two days before my birthday. It was so romantic and will be one of the reasons that Paris will always hold my heart. My second favorite city is San Francisco of course! It’s such a magical and beautiful city. I love that it gives you the big city feel, but on such a smaller scale. It also doesn’t hurt that you are only an hour away from the wine country and three hours away from skiing in Lake Tahoe. Plus, San Francisco is home to some of the most amazing restaurants!
There’s a belief that raising children in San Francisco is quite challenging. Do you believe this? Why or why not?
I actually disagree with this statement. It’s actually a pretty amazing place to raise kids. You have access to gorgeous parks (Golden Gate Park), playgrounds, museums (Academy of Sciences) and beaches (Crissy Field, Baker Beach, China Beach). You might not have a backyard but it makes you get out and take your kids on all of these great places you have access to. The challenge with kids in San Francisco comes up when it’s time for Kindergarten. The public school system is a lottery system, so you are not guaranteed an elementary school in your neighborhood. Private school is an option, but a very pricey option (especially when you have three kids).
What are your ritual family friendly activities in SF?
We love exploring the different neighborhoods in San Francisco and checking out new places for brunch or lunch. We like to go on walks to the beach or the playground.
Can you talk about your favorite San Francisco Neighborhoods? What makes them special?
I’ve lived 5 years in the Marina District and 5 years in the Richmond District. I love the Marina/Cow Hollow neighborhoods for the restaurants and shops on Chestnut and Union and the access to Crissy Field with the amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge. In the Richmond District you can find a lot of fantastic ethnic restaurants, walk through Sea Cliff to see some gorgeous houses right along the ocean and hang out at Baker Beach, China Beach or hike through Lands End.
Food is quite popular with our readers. Any notable restaurants that we should know about? Special dishes to order?
I have so many favorite restaurants the list could go on and on. Favorite neighborhood restaurant is Frascati – must order the gnocchi to start with and the bread pudding for dessert! Gary Danko is definitely my favorite restaurant in San Francisco. It is definitely your special occasion restaurant. You must do the three or four course along with the wine pairing. I have never had a better wine pairing than I have had at Gary Danko. We are actually going there next Saturday for our seven year wedding anniversary. Pizzetta 211 or Delfina Pizzeria are two of my favorite pizza places in the city. Sociale, Spruce, Slanted Door in the Ferry Building, Park Tavern and Aziza are some of my other favorites.
What’s life as a SF blogger like? Which are your favorite blog posts? You post a lot about your kids and family – how do you balance privacy versus wanting to share your amazing stories?
It’s definitely fun to be a San Francisco blogger. We have a close knit community of bloggers that are not only supportive of each other but a lot of fun to hang out with! I would definitely say that we are blessed to live in a city that has fabulous restaurants to explore and write about, fun events to attend and some amazing companies that are headquartered in the Bay Area that inspire us – clothing, design, furniture, etc. My favorite blog posts are usually about my adventures with my kids, photography posts and my latest treat that I have found whether it be a restaurant, type of food or a local deal!
I do blog a lot about my family and I try not to put too much information out there about the bambinos but I do share a lot of photos of them. I know that there are other bloggers that say when their kids hit a certain age, that they will stop blogging about them because they will be having their own experiences and wouldn’t want to share them. I definitely hope (but know that it might not be the case) that everyone has the best of intentions while reading people’s blogs. I want to be out there in the blogging world sharing my adventures!
If you could design your perfect city, what would it look like?
Paris for sure! It’s pretty much perfect to me!

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  1. Anna Pasquin says:

    I’ve always loved SF. Gary Danko is good, but think Acquerello provides a greater value for Michelin stars!

  2. Thank you for having me! I agree with Anna that Acquerello is delicious and might be a little less expensive, but it is an Italian restaurant, so it is a different culinary experience. Gary Danko is Californian cuisine. Both are fun treats though!

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