Exotic travel and fun experiences with Lenore Greiner

By , May 21, 2012 11:15 am

Lenore Greiner lives the ultimate funsherpa lifestyle. When not writing for Fodor’s or Airline magazines, Lenore is busy…you guessed it, traveling the world. She has been to exotic locales and keeps active by kayaking, driving Ferrari’s on a race track and diving. Wow, sounds amazingly fun – read on to learn more about great places to go and fun things to do.
You’ve blogged about some interesting destinations. Can you talk about your favorites and why you love them?
I love Bora Bora in French Polynesia. Let’s all pray that heaven turns out to be just like Bora Bora. It exactly matches the gorgeous photos in the travel magazines.

And I’ve been to Australia twice now – horseback riding at a station in the Queensland outback, visiting Sydney and seeing the Great Barrier Reef.

And I really like Belize – it’s the only English-speaking Central America. It has a Caribbean coast and Mayan ruins inland. The people were so friendly – I felt like I had a bunch of best friends.

Exploring Bora Bora

Finally, Buenos Aires, Argentina – it really is the Paris of South America. Very sophisticated with classical architecture and excellent cuisine.
How do you decide on what to blog about? What are your favorite posts?
I’m a sponge when it comes to research. I’m always looking for things that you wouldn’t think of for travel, such as sneaky security gear – thebra wallet comes to mind.
I also like to try out, and possibly destroy, travel gear to see if it holds up. I was sent a Navy SEAL watch to road test during water sports. I promptly cracked the ‘hardened crystal.’ Now I have to ask the manufacturer if they want it back.I will still review it.
My favorite posts? ‘The Top 3 Stylish Leather Travel Backpacks,‘ which is wildly popular. Also, ‘Travel Clothing I Have Loved and Lost,’ and ‘Married, with Luggage,’ because they are personal.
What are your favorite ‘travel gear for women products’? What are the worst? Why?
My favorites are the funny ones, such as disposable underwear. It’s actually a very good idea. And I like anything that does double or triple duty, such as a great camera that also shoots HD video. Or a travel shirt that repels mosquitos and has secret security pockets. When traveling, women are concerned about security and practicality.
The worst? The Go Girl portable urinal. It’s a pink funnel. I can’t even talk about how unpopular this post was. Only private pilots like this product.
When you are in Carlsbad, what is your routine like? Any favorite restaurants in the area?
My day begins with working out because, as a writer, I’m sedentary all day. And I have to be in shape in case I have to pop off to traipse all over Vegas or something.Then I take the coast road back to my home office. I always carry my camera because Carlsbad is very scenic. I’ve done photo posts just on Carlsbad, the coast, the flower market, a surfboard graveyard I found in somebody’s front yard. Since we live in the village, we can walk over to restaurants, the beach, bars and entertainment in the evening. Our favorite restaurants are Naked Café, The Compass and The Armenian Café, in that order.
Check them out when you’re in town.
Can you share with us your perfect travel itinerary?
Well, going around the round the world in a private jet would be nice! But right now I’m dreaming of getting back to India, specifically Jaipur, Agra and maybe Kerala in the south. In Kerala, youcan rent your own houseboatwith a staff for gliding over inland waterways. I see myself sipping tea and nibbling coconut as I pass the local villages. Is that too much to ask?
For all the stressed out women, what do you recommend they do? Any great stress remedies you recommend?
A week at a destination spa is ideal. A week away feels like a month. In March, I visited a real spa bargain, the Ixtapan Hotel Resort and Spa in the colonial town of Ixtapan de la Sal, Mexico. Hordes of North American women go there. And it’s very reasonable. I reported thoroughly about this spa at TravelGearForWomen.com. Also, leave the electronics at home. I have to bring mine but you don’t have to so why?
We hear you’re going to be driving some non-street legal Ferraris. Do you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie? What are some of the craziest things you’ve done?
That could be the craziest thing I’ve done. Driving five laps in a Ferrari F430 GT around the Vegas Speedway was totally terrifying and awesome at the same time! Thank you, Dream Racing!
Another crazy thing? Traveling to India alone. It really wasn’t a big deal except for one incident. Arriving at the Mumbai airport, Customs pulled me aside as a suspected gold smuggler. I must’ve fit the profile. Woman flying alone from Hong Kong. Luckily, they let me go without a strip search, thank Shiva.
And, yes, I am an adrenaline junkie. I’ve noticed that I just can’t lie on the beach or hang at the bar. I have to be snorkeling or kayaking. Or riding a horse to the Mayan ruins in Belize. Or zip lining in Costa Rica. I want to go and do and see.
What’s in your bucket list? Which ones have you crossed off already?
Seeing the Taj Mahal and traveling to Singapore, Thailand and Baliare on the bucket list. Going back to Italy – I went to school there and we still have lots of friends and families there.

Lately, I’ve crossed off living in Hawaii, riding with gauchos in Argentina and learning about Maori culture in New Zealand. And driving a Ferrari racecar, of course!

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  1. Allysha A says:

    Nice – Bora Bora is some place I’d love to go. And cool stuff on your site Lenore!

  2. Lenore says:

    Thanks so much, Allysha. Hope you can make it there. It’s really amazing and worth the trouble to get to.

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