A Chicago Mom’s Journey From Trading to Policing Naps

By , May 3, 2010 10:42 am

Cynthia talks to us about blogs, web design, and family

From living the life of a Chicago trader to becoming a full time Nap Warden, Cynthia talks to funsherpa about raising her kids, blogging, and running her web design business. If you’d like to know her secret of juggling so many activities, chores, and tasks, read on. Also, if you’ve seen our Mother’s Day gift guide, and still haven’t got a clue what to give Mom – Cynthia shares her perfect Mother’s Day when her husband and kids give her the day off. It’s a simple and thoughtful solution that will surely rejuvenate any Mom!

F: How did the title of your blog, Nap Warden, arise?

C: I started blogging while living in a high-rise with two tiny babies. I spent all my time trying to get them on the same nap schedule. Seemed all I did was police naps:/ Had I known it was going to follow me around for my blogging career, I might have given it more thought;)

F: What do your kids think about you writing a blog? Do they play any editorial roles?

C: My kiddos are really too young to understand what blogging is. They do look at the blogs Mommy is working on, and like the pictures. I’m not sure how I will handle that as they get older.

F: Aside from blogging, you also do web design – how do you balance blogging, designing, and being a parent?

C: I don’t sleep! Seriously, I take whatever time I can when I get a break to try to work. My biggest fear is that it takes away from time with my Husband. I try really hard to turn off the computer. It isn’t easy when I put so many demands on myself. It is a tight rope walk.

F: How would you describe your transition from a professional to a mother of two? Anything similar/different?

C: Similar, it’s hard work…and I had no idea what I was getting into. It has been a hard transition. It used to be when I met folks/walked into a room, they asked what I did. When I worked, I was a trader on the floor. That commanded respect, and folks were impressed.

As a mom, I believe since folks know what that is, they just say “oh” and move on to the next person. It’s really easy to not feel important any more. I wrestle with it a lot. I know this is the most important job I’ll ever do, but it’s really hard to keep your esteem up. I love staying home with my kiddos. I have really wrestled with no longer earning a big paycheck. That was the hardest transition of all 😛

F: Any advice to new parents in Chicago to ensure their kids get to appreciate the city they live in?

C: Take them out every day, rain or shine, or snow. There is so much to do. We belong to a couple museums; we go to the zoo all the time. Check out the free days (all the museums have them) I think it’s a misconception that everything is too expensive in the city.

I take my kiddos to the zoo, parks and museums every week. It’s my favorite thing about raising them in the city.

F: What are your ‘go-to’ restaurants in Chicago? Which ones are the most kid friendly?

C: I’m not much of a restaurant person. If I take the kiddos out, I like Frances Deli on Clark. I also really like The Athenian Room on Webster.

F: What have some of your best experiences on Mother’s Day been? What would make your perfect Mother’s Day holiday?

C: Is it awful to admit that the best thing my Husband did with the kiddos for Mother’s Day was give me a day off? He took the kids to his mothers for the day and gave me an entire day to myself…It was heavenly:)

I’ve only had a handful of Mother’s Days as an actual Mom, but that ranks way up there;)

F: Any special message you’d like to share with other Moms this upcoming Mother’s Day?

C: We/I had a really tough time actually becoming a mother. I was so stressed that I had “missed the boat” on motherhood by waiting too long to have kiddos. I suppose I’d share a message with other women in that boat. It’s something that I wish I could go back and tell myself…”Relax, the more stressed out and whipped up you get yourself, the harder you make things on your body.”

It’s something my doctors told me all the time, and it completely never registered. Now that I’m on the other side, I really wish I could have calmed down through all that.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting such a great person! :) NapWarden gives a lot to everyone who knows her.

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