Old Town entreprenuer avoids talking about the Grey’s Anatomy season finale

By , May 15, 2009 8:51 am

Florida native, Loyola law school graduate, now entrepreneur Billy Brewster spills the beans on what it is like to jump off a cliff and be your own boss. A big fan of living in Old Town, Billy actually designed his pad to highlight his view of Cabrini Green – nothing like living it up in the neighborhood. A huge Cubs fan, you can probably find him hanging out in Wrigley Field on most days, or whacking gophers in the Lincoln Park Golf Course. When not taking it pretty easy, you will find Billy putting together the smoothest, cleanest, and straightest floors – he turns pumice rock into marble.

Pounding a brewsky with Billy

Pounding a brewsky with Billy

 Learning more about the king of flooring, the Cubs, and the Bulls

 I decided to skip practicing law and become an entrepreneur because there is nothing like running a business.

If I were to practice law, I would be in personal injury, and sue pretty much everyone.

Biggest challenge with starting a business is getting it off the ground. It’s like a train, getting it running takes a lot of energy but keeping it running requires maintenance.

One thing I learned about floors that I bet no one else thinks about is the cost of doing the job properly.

What is it like to sniff the bonding glue? Not all it’s cracked up to be. Did you see heaven? Was that heaven? I don’t know…I forgot…Did I sniff too much…Where am I?

My pet peeve about floors is cutting corners. If I ever catch someone doing it, I will fire them or give them my card and tell them to call when they want the job done correctly.

The White Sox are old and slow and the Cubs have no bullpen. Nevertheless, the Cubs are better because of Mike Fontenot and Chad Fox.

I think the Bulls are not as good as the series was. Derrick Rose is one of the few guys that lives up to the hype. Kevin Garnett sucks at life.

 Old Town gems and some other things about Chicago.

I live in Old Town because of Sully’s Tavern. My view of the city reminds me of opportunity. 

Best place to play hoops: Stoney Island Park. Worst place to play hoops: Anywhere I am playing.

If testosterone flowed freely Wrigleyville would be the place to go. But Manny Ramirez cornered the market for it.

Top things to do in Old Town: Visit Uncle Julio’s for a “plato gordo.” Follow that up by dropping by Sully’s Tavern to eat the Veggie Pizza. Travel to Wells and hit up Fireplace Inn. Then get real at Old Town Ale House. 

My running route usually involves me going around the block and stopping frequently.

You can find the best floors (in Chicago) at the bleachers in Wrigley Field…perfect slack to hold people up and still make enough noise to instill fear into any visiting team…and of course, Floor Coverings International.

Best place to do a keg stand and not break your neck anywhere where there is a keg and someone you trust.

I like fried chicken. Especially from KFC.

If tourists weren’t so foolish, they would go to Wrigley and avoid “standing room only” tickets like the plague.

My dream meal would be anything at Charlie Trotter’s.

I can find everything at 900 N. Michigan.

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